1. Q. Your website says you do design and build. I already have plans prepared; will you still build with them?

    A. Yes, we are more than happy to build plans you have already prepared.

  1. Q. What’s the difference between a volume builder and a custom builder?

    A. Apart from the obvious price difference, a volume builder will only build using a limited number of their own house plans and specifications while a custom builder will build to the client's provided plans and specifications.

  1. Q. What is a P.C. and P.S. and why do builders use them when providing quotes?

    A. P.C. refers to a Prime Cost item, which is an amount of money that has been allowed for an item in the project for which the labour which goes with that item has been included within the total price of the project. The PC amount is to supply the item only. P.S. stands for Provisional Sum. Provisional Sum items are similar in that they are an allowance for an unknown item but in this case, it includes materials and labour. Prime Cost and Provisional Sum items are used to give a pricing indication for unknown items in the contract.

  1. Q. Do you build on sloping blocks?

    A. Yes, Viewpoint Constructions does work on sloping blocks.

  1. Q. Do you do first floor additions?

    A. Yes, we have extensive experience in building first floor additions.

  1. Q. Do you offer a fixed priced contract?

    A. Yes, we do offer fixed price contracts. However there often will be prime cost items and provisional items (see above) to cover undetermined or unforeseeable items that may impact the final contract cost (positively or negatively).

  1. Q. Do you offer a warranty?

    A. Upon completion of the project, company director Daniel Stapleton will walk through the home with you to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations. A three month and 12 months follow up service is complimentary and all part of Viewpoint Constructions high quality control standards

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