Do you like the house or the area you live in but need more space? Or maybe you want add value to your home? Viewpoint Constructions excels at creating stunning, functional spaces that complement the existing dwelling.

Throughout the planning stage, Viewpoint Constructions can guide you with tips to seamlessly blend your new additions with the rest of your house or, alternatively, give your whole home a makeover to suit your preferred style. An aesthetically pleasing end result that will leave everyone in awe. Whether you are planning on adding a ground floor extension or a first floor addition we have the team to help you get the project done. We know that the best home extensions aren’t about just tacking an extra room onto your existing dwelling.

Do you have plenty of land to build on? Ground floor additions can be a great, cost effective way to get the additional space that your family needs. Alternatively, do you have less land or potentially have great views, perhaps of the Dandenong’s, Yarra Valley or bayside to take advantage of? While the cost to build may be a little higher, choosing to add a first floor addition can add serious financial and aesthetic value to your home.

Not sure if an extension is a good option or what type of extension best suits your family and your property? Contact our design team to arrange a consultation now.



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